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Re: Turning PLR Into Cold Hard Cash - Fast!

Dear Friend,

What would you do with a proven strategy to making money online that eliminates ALL of the risks involved, requires very little start up costs (less than $20 gets you up and running) AND puts you in FULL control of how much money you make, even if you know absolutely NOTHING about 'making money online'

Think about how much money you could make if you had the golden ticket into an unlimited supply of fresh, killer content... products like ebooks, reports, autoresponders, scripts, software, and the list goes on.

And what if you could instantly exploit this information goldmine that OTHER people have spent months creating, without having to ever spend a fortune on outsourcing or deal with failed product launches EVER again..?

Listen, as someone who has been involved in online business now for 11 years, I know just how over-complicated the gurus can make things. They de-mystify the fundamental basics of making money online and with all the mystery and missing pieces, you are stuck investing hundreds or thousands of dollars into a dozen different things only to wind up no further ahead than when you started.

In fact, if you were to go the traditional route in building your online business, you'd quickly be "advised" by the so called "experts" that you had to first invest thousands of dollars into building your own product line, right?

I mean, we've all been told that in order to make money we absolutely NEED a product of our own.

But let me tell you as someone who has used, exploited and hoarded private label content for years now to make hundreds of thousands of dollars effortlessly (without breaking a sweat), that everything you've ever read about how important it is to spend a fortune developing your own product is absolute BS!

Now, don't get me wrong... having your product line will set you head & shoulders above the competition IF you can afford it, but if you are just starting to build your own online business you need to make money QUICKLY and EASILY so that you can then expand your outreach, right?

And this is the SUREFIRE, tested and PROVEN strategy that will show you exactly how to do it...

Listen, there are far too many bogus claims, misleading 'strategies' and even theory based "formulas" that promise to deliver you straight to the utopia land of financial freedom.

The problem is, you have a million obstacles on your way through that promising journey...

Following their "formula", you'd need:

Your own web designer, costing you hundreds of dollars just for templates. (My strategy eliminates not only ALL designs costs, graphic costs, promotional material costs - you name it, I will show you how to get it for pennies!)
Your own copy writer to create a converting sales page. (Forget that! There are pre-made sales pages worth their weight in gold out there that you can easily swipe at no cost!)
Your own back-end system for increased profits. (I'll show you how to set up a massively profitable backend system using NOTHING but PLR, MRR and RR content)

But here's the real truth from someone who didn't have more than two nickels to rub together when I first started, only to go on to generate 7-figures a year...

I couldn't afford to take risks in having a product developed only to see it fizzle out. I had to take the 'safe' route at least until I could feel my way around the marketplace and guarantee myself success when I did end up creating my first info product.

10 years later and I have a polished product line of my own that ring in thousands a week but here's my little secret.. Only half of them are really mine!

And guess how much I spent originally setting up my online empire?

$57.88. (I'm a cheapskate, what can I say?)

That smidgen of a start up fee, covered the cost of my first domain, a cheap hosting account and my very first PLR license. From there, I used a small portion of my earnings to buy more & more PLR, finding 'secret sources' of some of the highest quality PLR content along the way (most of it is never even advertised, meaning ZERO competition!)

And it gets much better for us both..

Not only will you know exactly WHERE, HOW and WHEN to use PLR content to build an online fortune in a very short amount of time BUT you can actually ELIMINATE ALL OF THE WORK involved in setting up your entire website!

For example, when it's comes to PLR, there is far more out there than just info products.

You can literally build your entire business, from web design to sales copy using quality PLR content that is up for grabs.. (most of which will cost you less than a few bucks if you know where to look).

And when it comes to private label content, there is an UNLIMITED supply of fresh, killer material covering EVERY topic imaginable!

This means that if you uncover a hot topic that you know will make money, you can spend 4 minutes using my 'quick start search' strategy to locate PLR content that is right there at your fingertips... add your name and price to it and have a full featured, POLISHED product in just minutes!

Are you beginning to see the massive potential in this?

With Private Label Content you can:

Dominate ANY market you want!
Eliminate all time consuming work!
Create a MASSIVE backend instantly!
Build TARGETED Mailing Lists!
Make Money In Less Than 24 Hours!
Build Dozens of Websites Quickly!

Every savvy marketer and businesses uses PLR in one way or another. Either in developing bonus products for their front end launch, creating massive subscriber bases of active, responsive leads, building a network of advertisement-driven websites and blogs using PLR content to power it up quickly, or even to "beef up" their main product with killer components and added features.

In fact, PLR content has been directly responsible for helping thousands of new marketers tear up the marketplace and dominate their niches without having to spend a fortune building their businesses!

And now, you can do it too following the EXACT same system that I, and countless others, have used successfully for years to generate $1,000's every single week, effortlessly!

Averaging Over $500 Per Day Selling Ebooks & Info Products

Take a look at just some of what's included within the pages of the PLR Paycheck guide:

How to instantly develop automated website cash funnels that will systematically spit out paychecks every single week, without having to lift a finger in product development!

How to start making money with PLR content in 3 hours or less just by setting up a SINGLE webpage and typing up ONE advertisement! (I've used this strategy to pay ALL of my monthly bills for years now!)

Discover the insider strategy used by PLR moguls to rake in thousands of dollars using one of the most popular marketplaces online! (and no, it's not Clickbank)

The simple formula for repackaging PLR so that it's worth 100x more than you paid for it and how to use this strategy to blow away the competition in ANY market!

The Private Label Paycheck is a comprehensive, FOOL PROOF guide that will show you exactly how to maximize your efforts and quickly build high profit websites, that will squeeze out cash, all on complete auto pilot..

Follow the fool proof roadmap that will show you exactly how to start making money with PLR content TODAY!

No expensive outsourcing, no time consuming learning curve, just a fast and easy way to make money online!

Create an online empire that is guaranteed to be successful while eliminating ALL outsourcing costs, permanently!

The instant cash methods of exploiting private label content so that you can begin making money with nothing more than a $7 domain name and a cheap hosting account! You can literally get started for less than $20!

How to tap into the hottest markets and lock in consistent payments with passive, recurring pools of income flooding your bank account every single month.. (this single strategy alone has the potential to make you $5,000 or more a month!)

Where to find the hottest private label content that is guaranteed to be a hit with your target audience! No exhausting "tweaks" and modifications needed with this killer quality stuff!

In reality, there is a very limited number of solid guides covering the topic of setting up a successful online business using private label content.

In fact, the majority will tell you that the best way to use PLR is in fluffing up your main product so it looks "meatier".. and this is complete hogwash.

PLR is far more profitable when you leverage it so that not only are you able to penetrate the most profitable markets quickly, while covering more ground than you EVER could afford to do if you were forced into paying some high priced writer to create your products BUT Private Label Content can be re-purposed, twisted, reshaped and EXPLOITED for instant cash a DOZEN different ways.

I reveal every single strategy I have ever used to make a fortune with private label material so that you can start making money TODAY just by following my step by step PROVEN action plan.

This material is based on personal case studies where I have spent years building wealth many different ways using nothing more than quality PLR content.

I don't spend a fortune on product development, designing, copywriting, marketing.. EVERYTHING you need to run a successful online business can be taken care of with PLR material.. and I mean EVERYTHING!

Build Instant Traffic Funnels Powered purely by private label content.
Dominate the search engines by using a simple strategy - guaranteed to work.
Fill up a brand new autoresponder with fresh, killer content that will have subscribers eager to read every email.
Dominate the social networks and build instant credibility and brand awareness as an "expert" in your field.
Use PLR to build top notch websites without ever paying a designer.
Cover MORE ground in less time by using "ready made" PLR material.

And there are literally hundreds of other ways that you can instantly exploit PLR to your advantage so that you are able to start making money TODAY without having to go through the usual expense of setting up a successful online business.

And the greatest part of all?

There is NO learning curve involved in setting up a wildly profitable business using my PLR strategy!

You can literally put this to work in just a few hours from now if you read and take action to replicate my proven formula for generating massive amounts of cash with PLR content!

In just a few minutes, you'll have the secret weapon you need to instantly eliminate any expensive start up costs, costly mistakes or time consuming strategies, and will know exactly how to make money online using a proven formula that WILL work for you - guaranteed...


"I want to download Private Label Paycheck right now and learn the real insider secrets to making money with easy reseller strategies.

"I understand that my purchase is 100% Risk-Free for 60 days, and that it is fully protected and backed up by your no-nonsense, money back guarantee which eliminates all risks!

Get Instant Access Right Now For A Single Payment Of Just $47 $20


I am extremely confident that Private Label Paycheck will provide you with all of the tools, information and resources you need to see rapid results..

To demonstrate my commitment to helping you build a successful business, I am offering a full 60-day money back guarantee.   No questions asked, No hassle. 

If for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase simply contact our support desk for a prompt refund.

I'll return your payment immediately.

Make no mistake, I've rarely had to honour this guarantee because EVERY customer who puts our strategies into action has seen incredible results.  You'll be our next satisfied customer, I promise.


WARNING!  This isn't some get rich quick scheme that will only work for a short amount of time before you're left scrambling to find another way to support yourself. The Private Label Paycheck guide is a solid blueprint that reveals the most powerful cash generation strategies that will work for many years to come, all on the back of PRIVATE LABEL CONTENT!

Best of all, they're exceptionally easy to put into action in a matter of a few hours!

Grab Your Copy Today!

Simon Hodgkinson

P. S: The day I kissed my job goodbye was the best day of my life and I have NEVER looked back since...  And now it's your turn.

If you want to be in full control of your own financial future, build a brand all your own and focus on working for the one person who truly counts (yourself), then Private Label Paycheck guide will help you reach your destination quickly and easily.  It's Time To Take Action.   Click Here For Instant Access

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